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   Welcome to Energene Naturals
Energene Naturals researches, develops and markets evidence-based premium natural health products. The Company is one of the firsts in North America to supply premium Ganoderma and Coriolus products.  Partnering with world-renowned research institutes, Energene develops products with maximized health benefits, safety, and consistency.

- Ganoderma wall-broken spores and polysaccharides
- Strengthens immunity, delays aging, increases blood circulation, inhibits cancer cell growth, and improves well-being.
- Health Canada NPN 80033258, NPN 80034040

- Wild Coriolus extract
- Restores immune functions during cancer treatment, alleviates side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, combats chronic liver diseases, and improves quality of life.
- Health Canada NPN 80038013

- Rhodiola, ginseng and lactoferrin
- Increase energy and stamina, relieve physical and mental fatigue, promote youthful appearance, and combat iron deficiency and hemophthisis.

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